With over 25 years of experience specializing in Customer Care and Retention, Anne Miner is an acknowledged expert in helping companies and individuals to be the best they can be.

Founder and President of The Dunvegan Group Ltd., Anne has become renowned for her ability to provide us with the encouragement, the motivation, and the inspiration that mobilizes us to take action in achieving our dreams

Keynote speaker at conferences, business workshops, dinner meetings, and networking events, Anne engages her audience and delivers her message with enough humor that you are taken unaware of the impact she creates in your subconscious mind. Her speeches and workshops are life-changing, pivotal, and transformational; they have the power to mobilize you.

Anne’s vision is to assist others to express their own unique potential and hidden gifts. She is dedicated in her support for women, and shares her knowledge and experience with men and women alike.

Inspired by her own experience, “In every setback lies opportunity” has become one of her most impactful statements. It has a meaning that propels her to share with everyone.

“As an entrepreneur you will face difficulties, even disasters. When you do, set aside fear.” Let Anne guide you on your journey. Allow her to empower you and to encourage you to become mobilized in your search for the ultimate discovery…Yourself!

Motivation, Empowerment, and Mobilization for Leadership Success!

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